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NEXT RACE: 2018 Round 2, Mar 3rd & 4th  - Collie Motorplex

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Saloon Car News

2016 Round 5

The Browns Chill race meeting started with a large field with 12 late and 15 old models all eager to strut their stuff. Qualifying got underway with a rush with every one going hard,

Grant Johnson stopping the clock with a 1.06.1 half a second faster than Nathan Callaghan and the quiet assassin Nick Hanlon also half a second quicker than Craig Splatt in the early models. Grant's day going downhill from there with engine problems putting him out the big points.

New engine, new tyres and no excuses saw Nathan Callaghan back to his best clean sweeping the late model points with Hillsy 2nd with 2nds and a 4th and the old fella Rick Gill claiming 3rd. Has anyone heard if Vinnie is starting a glass factory, seem's to spend a lot of time in the sand of late.

Nick Hanlon went on his merry way in the early models taking 2 wins and looking good for the Nationals on the home track. Jim Linehan started from pole in the reverse grid and it wasn't long before he wishing it was only a 4 lap race, Justin Chaffy getting the lead at turn one and running away to win his first race since the Icebreaker while taking 2nd overall in the process. Craig Splatt 3rd with the same points as JC. Two casualties in the early's, Brock Ralph having a big encounter with a concrete wall, he's fine but the car needs surgery. Jarrad McCullock got a fright having a calliper come off and breaking a ball joint which in turn surprised dad Gary as shrapnel started peppering his car while travelling close behind. Only 1 more meet to shake the bugs out of your car before the AMCAP National so get the entries in for the National if you haven't already.

Until next time stay on the black stuff.


Nathan Callaghan (left) and Rick Gill (right)

Talk about 10 laps side by side, heaps of lead changes, never touched once.

Real racing and mates off the track which is what makes the Saloon Car class so popular.


2016 Round 4

Another great day of Saloon Car racing with the running of the Ernie Hastie memorial event at the Collie Motorplex.

Three early casualties being Justin Chaffy(diff)Jim Linehan (gearbox) ,Nathan Callaghan having an electrical problem with the starter motor parting company with the block. Frequent flyer Steve Jolly once again doing the FIFO thing coming from Sydney for the weekend, he must really love to race as he has made it to all rounds so far.

The Ernie Hastie trophy going to Grant Johnson with a perfect score and a masterly display in the wet winning by 10 seconds. Nick Hanlon also clean sweeping the early models in the EA that he once told the committee struggled at Collie, time to load the boot with ballast. Terry De silver not on the Christmas card list after tagging his team mate Warren Ellis, but having bigger problems when he gets home and has to tell Kath how her car got bent.

Team orders were in place in the McCulloch camp with father and son Garry and Jarred Filling the podium in the early models and putting both cars on the trailer with no damage. While having a chat and laugh with Vinnie and Rick after racing talk turned to penalties with Rick saying he got done for not displaying his P plate correctly and it cost him 150 ,I wanted to know if that was in pounds which caused a big chuckle to all there.

See you all at the next round, till then stay on the black stuff


2016 Round 3

Round 3 of the WA saloon car championship kicked of with another big field of 27 under a gloomy sky but dry track.

Rodney Craig being the first casualty after a black cat crossed his path and knocked a ball joint out of place on the way to dummy grid for qualifying putting him out till race 2. The same critter may have been responsible for missing window net at MCE motorsport. A blown diff had Brock Ralf watching from the sidelines a lot earlier than he wanted.

Qualifying showed everyone the old fox Rick Gill still had it by showing the young guys a clean pair of heals to take pole with a 66-8 sec lap and going on to take both race 1 and 2, Gary Hills pushing him hard in both races. Craig Splatt led the early models away before Nic Hanlon took up where he left of in the last round to head all the EA/VN s home in both races. Andrew Martin taking home the stain your underwear award for a big spin and launch of the coffin at fast break, looked good for the crowd.

Race 3 saw reverse grids and rain just as the cars rolled onto the track. Some great wet weather driving saw Grant Johnson 3 wide at fast break and into the lead with only Chris Lillis getting close at the flag.

Rain man Mark Jones showing the early model guys and gals how to do it in the wet with Justin Chaffy a fair way back doing drift practice.

Nearly all cars coming off the track with little or no damage ,giving all the panel beaters in the west 4 weeks off.

See everyone in Collie next meeting, till then stay on the black stuff.


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