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Saloon Car News

Victorian Motor Traders 2017 Saloon Car Nationals

The Saloon Car season is done and dusted after the running of the VMT Australian national title at Phillip Island.

Martin engineering’s weekend starting with a delayed flight and some luggage on one plane and team on another. The weekend didn't start well for Vinnie with a terminal metal on metal sound coming from the engine during Friday practice putting him out of the running for the rest of the weekend.

Phillip island weather kept up its reputation of having three seasons in one day with Friday practice hot, sunny and humid; Saturday the rain held off long enough to complete qualifying and race one. WA led the way in qualifying with Craig “Crash” Splatt and Grant Johnson taking pole in their class. Justin Chaffey had a diff explode without completing a lap in qualifying and missing race one leaving lots of work to do overnight.

Race one saw Grant running hard but not being able to match the pace of local Damien Mitchell and finishing second. EA/VN class had Craig Splatt winning by a crumbled bonnet with a trail of glass behind, two of the local Victorians Justin Elliot and Shaun Woodhouse filling the minor placing.

Craig's car needing lots of work to make it out Sunday with help from dad, Murphy, Jimmy and a sledge hammer, not the prettiest looking car but luckily best presented was judged early in the day.

Sunburn Saturday, soaked Sunday, Race two saw rain man Grant smoking the late model field in extremely wet conditions with 14 seconds up his sleeve. Young media star Brock Boley parking his VT at the Bottom of Lukey heights early to watch from the tyre wall also having more bad luck in the final with another DNF.

Race 2 also saw a new diff turn up for Chaffey who finally turned a wheel in anger. All the WA early's in the mix for a place but behind Shaun Woodhouse and Justin Elliot. Des marbles Murphy spinning while testing grip levels on the warm up lap.

The championship final saw the track dry and the sun shine for all competitors. The AU/VT race was a great fight between Damien Mitchell ,Grant Johnson and Travis Sharpe finishing in that order to see the number one stay in Victoria with less than 3 seconds first to third.

EA/VN had its share of surprises with Andrew Martin DNF two laps from the end while running second with a misfiring engine, Splatty spinning for a second time at Lukey heights and still getting third after over taking Marbles Murphy and new AUS #1 Justin “Shoey” Chaffey going last to first to claim the big silverware and keep the title in WA, well done JC! Des Murphy almost pulling off a Steven Bradbury to get fourth and also claiming the goalkeeper of the year award with more saves than Mark Bosnich, so until next year have a safe Christmas, start patching up race cars and stay on the black stuff.



2017 Round 5

The sun god must love motor sport because for the second time in a month he has chased the wet and wild weather away to make for near perfect conditions for round 5 to race fast and close. AU/VT qualifying threw up the first surprise with Rick Gill starting out of P1 followed by Brock Boley having a great run to claim P2 and Ashly Barnett pushing Grant Johnson back to 4th.

The EA/VN guys and gals saw Justin “Max” Chaffey take pole by half a second from Mark Jones under close instruction from new race engineer Chucky “I Got this” Kneafsey. Others good performances were Brock Ralph in 4th and Steve “FIFO” Jolly in 6th. Coming back out of retirement Matt “Farnham” Martin had to retire again after engine problems early in qualifying.

Race one had Rick blast away from the line only to have Grant “Senna” Johnson carve up the field to lead midway through lap 2, commentators comparing Grants drive to an F1 race where Ayrton Senna went 4th to 1st inside 2 laps.

Justin Chaffy having a close tussle with Mark Jones win the early models battle. Fifo Jolly and “I Got The Marbles” Murphy trading in the race suit for tutu and ballet slippers with spins after brake problems, both copping a ribbing back in the shed.

Grant winning the next 2 races to clean sweep the late models to win the round from Rick Gill and Brett Niall. Vinnie “hot pants” taking up sand exploration at turn 1 in race 3 to DNF after his first run back from his VY bonfire. Justin and Mark with one win and one second each in the last two races to give Justin the round win from Mark and Andrew Martin filling third. Brock Ralph throwing away a third place overall after he too took a trip across the sand at turn 7. Justin “Max” “Popeye” Chaffey complaining after race 3 of sore arms after steering rack failure, not sure if the rack had more holes or a Chopper Reid alibi, (the arms did look more like Olive Oil arms to me) Good weather, close racing and little damage made for a fantastic day at the track so until time stay on the black stuff.


2017 Round 6

Over cast skies greeted the 24 starters for the Quit Saloon Car State Championship with everyone keen to hit the track we welcomed another newbie Fabrice Cauvin and welcomed back Jeff Watts AKA “Stupid”.

AU/ VT had the same old combatants slug it out for P1 with the elder statesman Rick Gill sending Grant “Senna” Johnson to P2 by a small margin. Grants team mate Matt “Farnham” Martin thinking he may have to retire again pulling to the infield one Lap 1 of qualifying with a rough sounding engine, lucky for Matt it was a simple fix and he ran strong all day from rear of field in race 1 to finish 4th in race 3.

EA/VN qualifying had Mark “Champ” Jones pushed hard for top spot by a charging Andrew Martin with :08 of a second between them. Andrew’s day finished early in race 3 when the diff mounts parted company with the diff housing. Nick Hanlon back after a lengthy lay off to have a run in the EA. Justin Chaffy having some work to do before Race one after a fuel pump stopped pumping. Damo Stephens helping out to get him going again just as the call for Saloons to grid was called, his teammate Chucky‘s parked car now looking like it was stolen and striped for spare parts. The pirouette award going to Terry DeSylva's for his effort at turn one and the off-road award goes to Mathew “McCray” Jenkins for a trip down the grass and sand.

Winners for the round where Grant Johnson from Rick Gill in the late models and Justin Chaffy out scoring Nick Hanlon to take out the early models. While Jim “Chuck Norris” Linahan took out the most significant prize in motorsport the Rightway Industrial inter team marbles challenge leaving his teammate Des “No Marbles” Murphy exhausted with no marbles and no exhaust.

Overall all it was a fantastic day with minor damage, no pace cars, no rain and a great lunch put on by the MCE Motorsport guys and gals (the jam and cream scones can come every race meet) so until next time stay on the black stuff.

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