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Saloon Car News

2017 Round 2

17 r2


Round two of the QUIT Saloon Car championship kicked of with 24 starters. AU/VT qualifying saw Martin Engineering, V8 drive day team purple lock out the front row with Grant on pole and Matt Martin having his best qualifying position in P2, great job Matt. EA/VN qualifying saw “Chucky” Kneafsey edge out Nick Hanlon and Justin Chaffey for front row honour's. Mark “Champ” Jones and Craig Splatt normally at the pointy end along way back in 9th and 10th.

A special mention to Matt Jenkins for successfully completing his first race.

Race one had the V8 drive day VT blast of and lead everyone across the finish, only to have the old fox Rick Gill take wins in race 2 and 3 to win the night and the large silverware. We must say having great driving talent suck as Ash Barnett and Robbie Marcon join our already talented field has made for great racing this year.

EA/VN races saw Chucky take out race 1 and 2 with Jonesy getting the nod after Terry jump the gun took a time penalty for a jump start after crossing the line first. Some very tight racing was enjoyed by most competitors and spectators alike.

Good to see Wild Willy Powell and Steven FIFO Jolly back and flying the Ford banner. Des Miss Daisy Murphy having a bad day after doing his version of stage one of the Quit rally with a wild ride through the sand in his new car and paint job in race one to DNF and not having his isolator turned on all the way making his car stop and having another DNF in race three . On the up side Des And Fifo had a grand tussle in race 2. The most lucky driver has to be Vinnie Louder Ciallalla, AKA “Crispy” or “hot pants” to his mates after he had an Italian BBQ in car 12 during race 3, on the invite list where fire marshals and medical staff. Vinnie made it out with a minor burn to a leg, his fire suit doing its job but destroyed from the knee down and a large brown stain in the rump area. Vinnie asked me to thank the medico's and firey's for their assistance as they did a fantastic job, so guys and gals if you if see them in the bar buy them a drink and shake their hand because it could you they pull from a burning wreak next time, until next time stay out of the flames.


2017 Round 1 Nightmasters

The Night Masters Quit, MCE Motorsport state championship got of to a frantic pace after the rain cleared and the track dried, 25 starters all keen to strut their stuff. Elder statesman Rick Gill topping the time sheets in AU/VT's with Grant, Ashley Barnett and Vinnie all covered by only 1/10.


Vinnies VY giving the wall a whack late in the session after a broken axel speared him into the wall.


The EA/VN class saw the yellow power ranger Warren Ellis take his first pole with Chucky and Nic .07 sec behind. Many other power rangers up for mention, Green power ranger Gary Mc also breaking an axel and being chef for the day, the red power ranger Terry De Silver also qualified well without the aid of a Dorian and not forgetting Brock and the pink power ranger ( Kathy ) needing to up size there next meal deal before hitting the scales .


Race 1 saw Rick get by Grant to take the flag on the last lap, Grant reversing the order in the next two races to collect the silverware for the AU/VT class. Could Grant's new nick name be Hawthorn (back to back to back),boys will have to work hard if they plan to knock him of.


The EA/VN class winner, Chucky clean sweeping all 3 races pushed hard by Nick Hanlon who has a big job to keep the state no 1. Seems Chucky had a bit of trouble remembering which side of the curb at turn 7 to be on so he used both. Des Murphy letting Andrew Martin drive his new car which Andrew promptly ran it through the sand at turn 1 to test the 4x4 capabilities of it, yep it works, Des also the proud owner of a new bag of marbles, so until next time stay on the black stuff.

round 1 2017

2016 EA/VN Australian Title conclusion

Here are the findings in relation to the Sharpe Hearings following a protest against Brendon and Travis Sharpe in relation to exceeding the maximum allowed Rev limit and changing drivers without notifying the stewards of the meeting. This concludes the hearing and confirms Mark Jones as the first compliant car to cross the finish line and therefore the current Champion.

Protest Hearing – conducted 21 August 2016.

Charge – 143 (part vii) National Competition Rules 6.5 1- Saloon Group 3K Technical Regs.

We the stewards find that the protest is upheld, all money held shall be returned to D. Stephens. A severe warning shall be given to the owner/driver B. Sharpe and co-driver T. Sharpe. Evidence indicates that the vehicle does not comply with the rules, however they may not have been aware that it is faulty at the time. As the owner B. Sharpe is responsible to ensure that the vehicle complies with the regulations at all events in the future. ECU has been returned to the owner.

Appeal Tribunal  - conducted 1 February 2017

Appeal lodged by B. Sharpe for the 60 second penalty issued against car #241

In accordance with NCR Part VIII Competitors and Drivers, section 143 titled – Change of Driver; and WA Sporting Car Club 2016 Standing Conditions, section 6 Competition Procedures, sub-section 6.2 Nomination of Drivers.

The Tribunal finds that proper process was not followed by the race competitors of car #241 in that Brandon Sharpe (appellant) failed to advise the race office of the change of driver at least one hour before the commencement of race 27 AMCAP 2016 Saloon Car Nationals Final – EA/VN.

The Tribunal confirms the penalty of 60 seconds applies to car 241, and the appeal is dismissed.

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