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News 2016

2016 EA/VN Australian Title conclusion

Here are the findings in relation to the Sharpe Hearings following a protest against Brendon and Travis Sharpe in relation to exceeding the maximum allowed Rev limit and changing drivers without notifying the stewards of the meeting. This concludes the hearing and confirms Mark Jones as the first compliant car to cross the finish line and therefore the current Champion.

Protest Hearing – conducted 21 August 2016.

Charge – 143 (part vii) National Competition Rules 6.5 1- Saloon Group 3K Technical Regs.

We the stewards find that the protest is upheld, all money held shall be returned to D. Stephens. A severe warning shall be given to the owner/driver B. Sharpe and co-driver T. Sharpe. Evidence indicates that the vehicle does not comply with the rules, however they may not have been aware that it is faulty at the time. As the owner B. Sharpe is responsible to ensure that the vehicle complies with the regulations at all events in the future. ECU has been returned to the owner.

Appeal Tribunal  - conducted 1 February 2017

Appeal lodged by B. Sharpe for the 60 second penalty issued against car #241

In accordance with NCR Part VIII Competitors and Drivers, section 143 titled – Change of Driver; and WA Sporting Car Club 2016 Standing Conditions, section 6 Competition Procedures, sub-section 6.2 Nomination of Drivers.

The Tribunal finds that proper process was not followed by the race competitors of car #241 in that Brandon Sharpe (appellant) failed to advise the race office of the change of driver at least one hour before the commencement of race 27 AMCAP 2016 Saloon Car Nationals Final – EA/VN.

The Tribunal confirms the penalty of 60 seconds applies to car 241, and the appeal is dismissed.

2016 Round 7 Championship final

The state Saloon Car championship is over for another year with Grant Johnson and Nick Hanlon going back to back with a close finish in the AU/VT and a runaway win for Nic in his EA .The last round showing that there is still plenty of fight left in the old fox Rick Gill with 2 wins and a not so happy 6th, Chris Lillis and Grant Johnson filling the podium. Vinnie must have enough sand samples as he managed to complete all races but having to start from pit lane due to a small problem in the dummy grid. The Fox roofing VT having grandpa Tony James have a run trying to sort out handling issues for next year and finishing in 5th for the day .The early models races saw Hot Lap motor sports pair Chucky (stay out of the sand) Kneafsey and Justin (finally got some speed) Chaffey lock out 1st and 2nd in all three races and overall with a strong display. In 3rd place overall was Chad Kingsley with a strong showing in all three races .Steve (two up) Jolly flying in from Sydney for his 7th time for the year and having more spins than a penny on Anzac Day ,huge effort Steve. Another to encounter trouble was Brendon 3 wheel what’s who had a rear hub and wheel part company with his car giving for a interesting ride. Des Murphy lending his car to his team mates in prime condition and getting it back with a very second hand diff(never go on holiday on a race week).Last but not least Gary McCulloch’s year has been the year from hell with his panel beater now having enough cash for a new Ferrari, very tough year Gaz. A big thanks to Chucky and JC and all the committee members for their hard work with a very successful national meeting with both national winners, Grant Johnson and Mark Jones keeping most of the cash in the west, about the only thing left is the presentation night so get your tickets and let's go out with a bang, so until next year stay on the black stuff.


2016 AMCAP Saloon Car Nationals

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The AMCAP national is over after one of the best EA/VN races I have seen ,6 tenth covering first to third with lots of lead changes, Jonesy finally sneaking in to put Nic back to second and Damo close behind to round out the podium. Great racing guys. The AU/VT final a great spectacle also as the rain master Grant Johnson showed a clean pair of heals to the field with south ozzie Wayne King and Nathan Callaghan only separated by a whisker. The biggest smile at the presentation had to be a very proud daughter of Grant dancing around with the oversize check. Good to see the guys and gals from the East having a good time on and of the track, all in all a fantastic weekend ,hope everyone arrived home safe.

On another note, has the curtain finally been drawn on the racing career of Tony James with the sale of his VT/Y.(rumoured to have cost more than the national debt of Greece) Some say ,he helped Noah build the arc and after the rain stopped he took to racing like Chucky And Hillsy to the sand. I have been told he started in an a EH Holden in historics moving on to a converted taxi (HQ) and winning state and national championships along the way before stepping up in the early days of EA/VN and later on to the VT. Maybe the final fling being the pioneering of the new VY. Then again, will he be like Rocky Balboa back for one more round and boldly go where no man has gone before and pioneer the VE saloon. All jokes aside people like Tony are great club men and he did a fantastic job of securing sponsor ship for the Nationals. As all racer know getting Cash sponsorship is near impossible and in a tight economy even harder. His knowledge and help on a lot of committees has been great over a long period, so if you see Tony at the bar slap him on the back and buy him a drink. Thanks Tony . Until next time stay on the black stuff.

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