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About Saloon Car Racing

What does it cost to go racing?

Going racing with the WASCA gives you the ability to go racing on a budget, or you can spend a little bit more if you want.

Pre-raced Car

Pro Am VN/EA – $10k – $15k

Pro AU/VT – $15k – $20k

New Car

To build new, it will depend on your skill set. You can get a new build on track from as little as $15k up to $50k

Season and Tyre Costs

A full season budget will run from $5k – $15k including entry fees, fluids and other consumables.


Membership Benefits

When you join the WASCA you receive benefits from both the local association as well as the national Saloon Car Racing Association (SCRA).

Racing Member
Social Member
Junior Racer (under 18)